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Pacenotes was specifically created five years ago for everyone involved in Rallysport in the UK and Ireland. Already into our fifth season, Pacenotes continues to grow in stature and is now regarded as the ‘clubmans bible’.

Published monthly,
Pacenotes will keep enthusiasts involved in all areas of the sport up to date on what is happening at club level, through national events up to and including international level.

Pacenotes is produced by rally enthusiasts for rally enthusiasts!We aim to keep Pacenotes as diverse as possible in order to keep up with all the latest trends in the sport.

  Amongst many other features,
each issue will include:
• Latest news
• Your views
• In-depth rally previews & reviews.
• Award winning action photos.
• Company and team profiles – large and small.
• Classifieds – The largest rally car marketplace.


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